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Landlords/Property Owners

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Give us a blank canvas and we will paint a beautiful picture for you. Welcome to Landlord and Property Owners Solution by Via Homes. At Via Homes, we are excited to work with you as a property owner to convert your home into an Expat Ready Home for churning out higher rental yield. Here is an example for you:

Typical Semi-Furnished 2 Bedroom Apartment which costed you about 1.5 to 1.8 Cr. would fetch a rental of about 35K to 40K a month, sounds familiar? Well, it's time to convert your apartment into a money churning machine with Via Homes. We have worked with Expats for over 23 years now to move to various cities of India and helped them live comfortably in our created homes. Over these years, we have found out what Expats truly want and we have created Via Homes for them and trust us, it doesn't cost much. We have been able to convert multiple homes for our landlords/property owners into Via Homes and churned out double the rent i.e. 80K to 90K for a 2 bedroom apartment on Golf Course Extension Road, Gurgaon.

Not just that, We are a One Stop Solution for Landlords/Property Owners, specially the NRI clients who are sitting miles away and we understand their pain. We have taken up assignments starting as a blank slate, which means taken possession from the developer on behalf of the property owners and do the complete furnishings including the basic furnishings as well as the soft furnishings and converted them into Expat Accommodation and money churning assets with a higher ROI than what they would get for a regular apartment.

In case this sounds good to you, we are here to work with you to do just the same what we have done for hundred's of landlords and property owners. You can also register, if you already have a furnished accommodation and our team will come and evaluate it to see if it can be part of Via Homes portfolio or make suggestions and change a few things around to create the desired Expat Accommodation.

We look forward to having you aboard !! It takes only a few minutes to register !!

Here is our Typical Process

Step 1

Taking Possession From the Developer

Register as Landlord/Property Owner

Thank You !! Your Registration form has been successfully submitted, One of our team members will get in touch with you soon.

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